About Bose Cards & Gifts

Bose Cards & Gifts was founded in 2008 by the Late Dr. Bose Peters.  She was very passionate about showing love to everyone around her and one of the ways she expressed this was by giving out the very best greeting cards.  As much as she loved to give cards, she also loved to receive them and always dreamt of opening a world-class greeting cards store.  Her dream became a reality in 2008 when her only son set up the business on her behalf when her health began to fail.  She was always happy being in the store and her legacy lives on.

Bose Cards stocks luxurious greeting cards for all occasions including Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Holidays, Sentimental Occasions e.g. the birth of a new child, the dedication of a new home, retirement, appreciation of friends and lovers, etc.  Our greeting cards are sourced exclusively for discerning clientele.  We have a card for everyone occasion and your loved ones will be surely be wowed.  Our cards say it all when words are not enough.

We also sell cute and cuddly gifts ranging from teddy bears and mugs to photo frames and keepsakes.  Our gifts would leave the recipients feeling warm and fuzzy.

We look forward to welcoming you at Bose Cards & Gifts.  Have a lovely day!